“Stepping Stones” is a Model Day School with a difference, for boys and girls of Dehra Dun and was founded by Rani Chandra Raj Laxmi on the 11 Νου 1982. The school is run by a Managing Committee. Various kinds of equipments have been provided and arrangements have been made to create an atmosphere conducive for a child to begin its first stage of schooling and to develop his/her aural, visual, kinetic and other skills thereby preparing him/her for formal school.

This diary is an important tool in the hands of students as medium for Communication between Teachers and Parents. Students are supposed to record in their home work and other day to day programme.

Whenever requests are made regarding a pupil’s irregularity and failure to do home work and such other matters, the parents are expected to co-operate fully with the teachers in the school in our improvement measure.

Parent’s are welcome to convey any constructive suggestions for the improvement of the academic standard of their ward directly to the Headmistress who will look into the points raised at her own level.

I solicit your continued co-operation to help and guide your ward to the best of my ability.